Sad news for Ronald Pickup fans surfaced on the Internet Friday evening. The actor from the cult Netflix series “The Crown” has reportedly passed away at the age of 80. The information is provided by the BBC.

Ronald Pickup is dead

Unfortunately, this is a sad evening for fans of “The Crown”. Fans of the popular Netflix production won’t see Ronald Pickup in upcoming seasons, who played the Archbishop of Canterbury, Geoffrey Fisher. Thanks to this, it has gained great international recognition.

The BBC announced the death of Pickup. The actor died on Wednesday evening after a long struggle with a serious illness. The eighty-year-old died in his immediate family.

He has been married since 1964 to Lance Traver. They have two children: Rachel and Simon.

Ronald Pickup is dead. Represent your creations

Born in the northwest of England, Ronald Pickup began his acting career at the age of 24. He got engaged on the set of the popular series “Doctor Who”. Since then, the actor has been awarded minor roles, and his career breakthrough is considered his role in the series “The Reign of Terror”.

The 80-year-old has his cat in the James Bond adventure movie “Never Say Never,” starring Sean Connery.

Ronald Pickup has garnered a huge crowd of fans thanks to the comedy “Marigold Hotel”. Recently, however, the artist’s greatest appreciation was his episodic role in the series “The Crown”, which tells the story of the British royal family.

The pickup was primarily an excellent theater actor. He appeared in plays such as Julius Caesar and Amy’s View. Thanks to his roles in these theatrical projects, he was nominated for the Laurence Olivier Theater Award.

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