On Monday, June 21, a fire was reported in two churches in Penticion and Oliver, Canada, within an hour. Both buildings were completely destroyed. The fire broke out during the celebration of National Indigenous Peoples’ Day. On Saturday, June 26, two more churches in the British Columbia area were set ablaze.

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O. Gu foryński: This is totally inappropriate

John Paul II monument destroyed. It is covered with traces of red hands

The monument to Pope John Paul II in front of the Polish church in Edmonton is covered in red handprints. On the pedestal there are teddy bears and other stuffed animals, red markings Excuse me Drive through the front door a church – He says world news.

Rydzyk announces ‘prayer assault’ after accepting Matic’s report

Edmonton police said an act of vandalism occurred at approximately 11:10 p.m. on Saturday, June 26. Then a woman was noticed who destroyed the monument to the late Pope John Paul II.

Archbishop Richard Smith Catholic The Diocese of Edmonton issued a statement on.

“At a time when our country is fully aware of the need for reconciliation with the indigenous peoples of this land, it is worth remembering the words that Pope John Paul II, during his visit to Fort Simpson in 1987, emphasized with force the innate goodness of indigenous peoples culture and tradition, and expressed their solidarity with First Nardami, Metis and Innu peoples in defense of their rights: My coming to you looks to your past to proclaim your dignity and uphold your destiny ”- we read in the manifesto quoting the words of John Paul II.

The Church praises the equal human dignity of all nations and defends their right to preserve their cultural character with their distinct traditions and customs.

– shown.

Richard Smith also expressed his deep regret over the recent events. We mourn the sad legacy of boarding schools and look forward to healing our relationships. May the Creator help us all express our grief in a way that builds and heals, and sets us all on the right path to truth and reconciliation.”

Canada. Discovering mass graves and setting fire to churches

Four Catholic churches in British Columbia, Canada, were set on fire last week. The events of the arson coincided with another horrific discovery of a mass grave containing 751 bodies, most of them children, in a former Aboriginal Catholic boarding school. At the end of May, in another catholic church School A grave containing 215 children’s bodies was found. Canadian police Arson investigation. She is absolutely sure that the burn was not accidental.

Inuit and Mestiz children were sent to schools established in Canada in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries to assimilate with the white population. Institutions were often run by a church Catholic. The children were unable to speak their own language and practice their own culture, and were abused and abused. Many of them have not returned to their families.

Heat wave in Canada / Image captionHeat wave in Canada. Police report 69 victims of high temperatures

In a landmark 2015 report by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, covering 150 years of some 140 schools for Indian children, the facilities’ activities were described as “cultural genocide”.

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