The series takes place between officers of the Internal Police Department. The heroes deal with fighting corruption and other crimes committed by police officers. condition In the performance of duty In the language of the regular forces of Great Britain, it is used in the event that something bad happens while on duty, for example the death of a policeman while performing his duties.

The “line of duty” stands out from the series of other crimes in a very strict way to present British police work. The ubiquitous bureaucracy is mainly used to falsify statistics and cover up inappropriate matters, policemen break procedures, commanders conceal them, and honest policemen despise. Anti-corruption heroes convince viewers that ambiguous acts by the police, even if they will lead to the goal, cannot be justified or justified. Laws cannot be enforced by breaking the law.

This approach to the subject made the British police hate the show. It refused any cooperation in its production and denies that the situations in which it was depicted are a reflection of reality. But the authors of “Line of Duty” assure viewers that they have anonymous informants in the police ranks and learn from them.

The sixth series “Line of Duty” will be shown on BBC One on March 21st. Previous seasons can be viewed on Netflix.

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