The “RZ” received confirmation of this information from the Information Center at the Ministry of Culture. The newspaper stated that “the ministry’s activities are currently focusing on confirming the identity of the facility.”

Rzeczpospolita reported that the unique monument was discovered in the Cleveland Museum of Art by Marius Belos, Chairman of the Communi Hereditate Foundation, who has been searching for artworks that Poland has lost for many years. This was announced by the Ministry of Culture.

In the magazine ArtSherlock, Pelos noted that the hunting rifle came from the French company Le Page that specialized in producing luxury firearms in the second half of the 18th and early 19th centuries. General Wincenti Comte received it from Napoleon. Krasiński, a participant in the Napoleonic Wars, commander of the 1st Light Regiment of the Polish Imperial Guard.

According to family accounts, Count Winsenty was supposed to have been acquired by Krasinski on charges of Polish cavalry on the Samocera Pass in 1808. But the head of the institution states that Krasinski was not involved in it.

“Perhaps Napoleon’s gift was also to participate in the Battle of Gramp on July 5-6, 1809, in which the knights also participated, which became famous for the attack on the opponents of Prince Schwarzenberg, and Krasinski himself was wounded” – we read in the newspaper.

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