Netflix has just officially announced that filming for The Witcher Season 2 has ended. Production will reach the platform in 2021. However, the exact release date is not currently known.

The first season of the series was very popular not only in Poland, but also in the world. All of this, of course, after the success and promotion of the game from the Witcher series. Fans are waiting for the next installments and now they can watch the first season again.

158 days after starting work on the set of the second season of the series about The Witcher, filming ended.

The Witcher – Season 2 on Netflix

With 15 locations in the UK, 89 cast members, nearly 1,200 crew members, and a slew of new monsters, the road to filming was as cool as the show itself.

Netflix has released a special show for the group where we can see the excitement of the actors – led by model Lauren Schmidt Hissrich – after filming the long-awaited next installment of The Witcher.

About the second season of the series Wizard::
Convinced that Yennifer is dead in the Battle of Soden Hill, Geralt from Rivia takes Princess Cyrilla to the safest place he knows – to his family’s home in Kerr Morehn. As kings, elves, humans and demons fight for control of the continent behind their walls, Geralt must protect the girl from something more dangerous: a mysterious power that lies in the princess.

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Lauren Schmidt Hesrich is the model and executive producer of the series.

Executive producers are Lauren Schmidt Hesrich, Tomik Baginski, Jason F Brown, Sean Daniel, Mike Ostrovsky, Steve Job and Yaroslav Swako.

The second season, directed by Stephen Surjik (Umbrella Academy)Sarah O’Gorman (cursed)Ed Bazalgate (Fall of the kingdom) I’m Louise Hopper (with my husband).