During a conversation with RNE Radio, Gonzalez Laya indicated that both sides have only 72 hours to close the Gibraltar deal.

The head of the Spanish diplomacy said: “There is no alternative plan on this issue. (…) If no such agreement is reached, the border with Gibraltar will become the external borders of the European Union on the first of January.”

She acknowledged that one of the issues that must be settled before Friday is the monitoring of ports and airports in Gibraltar.

In the minister’s opinion, Spanish-British negotiations also remain essential on issues related to the movement of goods and people across the border with Gibraltar. She indicated that an agreement had already been reached with the British side regarding people working on both sides of the border. She stressed that they would be free to cross it without having to monitor passports.

She noted that although Spain still claims the territories under British jurisdiction, “the two sides should now focus on finding practical solutions for the people of Gibraltar,” as well as for those who work there.

For its population of 32 thousand. Of the people in Gibraltar, the British Overseas Territory, about 15,000 people every day from Spain go to work. People. Throughout the year, the port receives about 10 million tourists.