Książnica Zamojska for the project “Library in a New Space – Adaptation and Modernization” received a subsidy of 650,000 PLN from funds of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage under the cultural infrastructure program and 162,500 PLN from the budget of the city of Zamoy. This money is used to renovate Library No. 6 branch in Carolo. look at the pictures!

Library branch No. 6 is located in the estate of Karolovka – currently in the clinic building on the first floor. When the pharmacy in the health center closed in 2018, the idea was born to adapt the buildings to library activities. The main feature was the location. The pharmacy was on the ground floor, the library was on the first floor – for the elderly, it was an insurmountable barrier.

Zamo Library received an empty pharmacy building from city resources. The facility, which covers an area of ​​more than 200 square meters, will be the headquarters of the sixth branch after the renovation. The investment includes design, renovation, construction, modernization works and the purchase of the necessary equipment. The project is being implemented on a two-year basis (2020-2021) and concerns the adaptation of the building to the needs of the library in Karolówka.

We tried very hard to find a new location for the library. The mayor of Zamos agreed to modify the building, and we applied for the funding we received. In addition, this year, we received 175 thousand. From support prompt. Work on the modernization and adaptation of the new space is planned for a period of two years

– says Piotr Bartnik, director of the Zamujska Library, Stanislav K. Zamoyski.

The dividing walls have been demolished, load-bearing wall ties are made, the old installation dismantled, and the windows replaced. Currently, work is underway inside the building regarding, among other things, photovoltaics and ventilation using recovery elements related to heat recovery. There will be a ramp for the disabled. Currently, a vestibule and a toilet are being built

– adds P. Bartnik

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In the application form, consideration is given to environmental solutions. After completion of the renovation and air conditioning work, the library will be housed in an energy-efficient building with photovoltaics, thermal insulation and, above all, thematic groups.

Karolówka is a developed residential area. New housing complexes, homes and streets for one family have been built. Here, among other things, many institutions, service points, schools, clinics, churches and commercial enterprises. More and more people are using the library’s book collection, the more it has been used as a meeting place for the local community for many years. In the new library space, thematic areas have been planned for different groups of recipients, children, teens, adults, and users with special needs.

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