The current appearance of the green area in the Steyer 9 building and before the start of works.

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Gdynia can boast another pocket garden – in the Mujahideen. Steyr in Bogorsa map. This time, the main inspiration for the new development was space. Green “pockets” are implemented within the civil budget funds.

Pocket park at ul. Steyer (near Steyer Building 9) is built on the site of a previously undeveloped green area, adjacent to an outdoor gym.

Its new development is a reference to outer space – the round resting places are symbolic stars whose surface is additionally made of luminous concrete (they glow gently after dark).

– Each “star” has an individual character, which is emphasized by different types of shrubs and perennials, selected in such a way that they provide a decorative effect throughout the growing season. Eight trees, 353 shrubs and 2,329 perennials will appear here – says the head of the city gardener’s department Tadeusch Schenk.
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The path connecting the circular places of relaxation is made of a permeable surface. In addition, as part of the development, a telescope was installed to monitor the night sky, and an information panel will appear soon.

Building the square is the result of the winner Civic Budget 2019 citywide project. The total cost of all sites is about 630 thousand PLN. zloty. From the organizational side, the city gardener department is responsible for implementation.

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As part of the project, it is planned to arrange nine small squares – mini-parks throughout the city:

  1. hillsides (ul. B. Steyera) – CompleteAnd
  2. Dąbrowa – the intersection of Miętowa and Tymiankowa Streets – completed,
  3. Wielki Kack (ul. Starodworcowa) – Completed.
  4. Leszczynki (ul. Morska, near ul. Zakręt do Oksywia) – completed,
  5. Grabówek (ul. Kapitańska) – completed,
  6. Pustki Cisowskie-Demptowo next to the bus station (ul. Sakowicza) – completed,
  7. Chylonia near “Wymiennikownia” (ul. Świecka),
  8. Street. Maksymilian in the Wzgórze Library (ul. Świętojańska 141-143 and Bpa Dominika),
  9. Forest cutting (ul. Nowogrodzka).

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