From January 1, 2021, Great Britain will cease membership of the European Union. Cars imported from the islands still spark automobile curiosity – they did not “sink” Polish roads, as was expected in 2015, when regulations allowing for registration of right-hand drive vehicles came into effect. It does not change the fact that the jewels of the cars that will come to our country may occur. Their owners can rest easily if they only pay attention Date of first registration.

“We still allow some vehicles to pass with the steering wheel on the right-hand side,” says Carol Retail, technical director at the Polish Chamber of Vehicle Inspection Stations. “These right-hand drive vehicles will be M1 approval class for passenger car type, new covered with EC type approval certificate, or pre-registered in the territory of one of the European Union member states (such as France, Germany, etc.)” – he adds.

“In the event of a vehicle registered in the United Kingdom of Great Britain or Northern Ireland, it will also be possible to put the vehicle in traffic in Poland with the steering wheel set to the right, but only if the date of the first registration is a date not later than the end of the transition period” – informs Rytel . Then cars are registered with the same conditions.

However, it must be remembered that such an imported car would have to undergo several technical adjustments in order to be able to move on Polish roads. Among other things, o visibility provided by the left mirror, adaptation of headlights to traffic on the right side (in some cases they need to be replaced with a European equivalent), operation of the rear fog lamp (this is another element that requires replacement) and, if necessary, speedometer indicators (You must indicate km / h or km / hmph simultaneously).

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