The snowstorm that swept across Colorado, Wyoming and Nebraska over the weekend left tens of thousands of people without electricity. As a result of heavy snowfall and humidity, roads were closed and more than 2,000 flights canceled.

In some areas, snow falls of 90 cm or more. Power lines broke, and many trees fell. Monday morning 25 thousand. People had no electricity.

According to the National Weather Service, Monday morning at Denver International Airport, 70 cm of snow has been recorded in Colorado.

The rainfall was the fourth largest since 1881.

Meteorologists called the element on Monday A “historic and paralyzed” winter storm causes extremely dangerous and impossible travel conditions.

In Wyoming and Nebraska, beware of slippery and snowy roads. They expected the possibility of snowing there to continue until Tuesday.

Blizzard Urey in the United States. At least 20 people were killed

As reported by “The New York Times” in places like Fort Collins until late Sunday Snowfall of about 61 cmOver a meter in Aspens Springs and 91.5cm in Cheyenne, Southern Wyoming. Colorado Governor Jared Police called on the National Guard to help clear the snowstorm.

Denver Airport canceled nearly 750 flights on Saturday and more than 1,200 Sunday flights. Major highways have been closed in some sectionsIncluding # 70 in Colorado and # 80 in Wyoming.

Police stated that they were rescuing people who were stuck on the closed roads. Snow plows could not reach everywhere and fulfill their tasks.

Denver transportation authorities have advised not to travel. This has been reported Due to the snow storm, there were major delays in the railways and buses.

The Colorado Avalanche Information Center warned of the risks.

And the “New York Times” indicated that More snow storms can be expected in March and AprilIncluding Denver. They have to move to the Midwest and then to the East Coast of the United States.