The final trailer for Season 6 was actually released today. It’s unlikely to show up again, at least not until 5 am.

Let us remind you that the technical break will start at 5:00 pm tomorrow. It will likely last until noon, maybe more (14-15). Today, Epic released a trailer that is simply the premiere of the upcoming movie.

Fortnite is basically a community, and it already knows everything to check out. It is known, among other things, that the feature film (scheduled for release at 9:00 AM) will last 3 minutes 15 seconds.

What else is known?

In addition, a specific site has been discovered where jonzy ads stand. It is possible that the places in front of it will disappear or change dramatically.

Some people have also noticed the loading screen, which everyone previously linked to is the Lava Layer. Now it looks like it wasn’t just for that.

In both drawings, something is falling from the sky. While it’s hard for Jonesy to determine what, with the second drawing, it’s likely meteors or some projectile.

It’s possible that Jonesy that we’re seeing is the same version of it here:

And this is basically what the players discovered. The movie is expected to last for a little over 3 minutes, the map might be destroyed, and something will fly over the map toward the island, which could damage it.

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