At least 130 mysterious cases of US Federal Administration employee health problems are under investigation by the National Security Council: allegations of microwave attacks. Members of Congress are urging President Joe Biden’s team to take the problem seriously.

Associated Press reports suspected Using “microwaves or radio waves” to “attack the minds of US diplomats, spies and military personnel.”

As he remembers, Staff of the US Embassy in Havana, Cuba, witnessed the first cases of this kind In 2016 – hence the name: ‘Havana Syndrome’.

However, the number of alleged attacks is increasing rapidly: Last year – according to the AP, citing an anonymous source in the Pentagon – the National Security Council has already investigated dozens of these cases, currently: at least 130.

Presumably, they attacked people who complained of headaches, dizziness, and concussion-like symptoms, some of whom needed months of treatment. Some Before the sudden onset of symptoms, they heard a loud noise.

Reports of at least two potential accidents in the Washington, DC area are particularly alarming, including one In November near the White House, When the person in charge reported a roundabout, “the Associated Press reported.

It also stresses that “the advocates of those affected They accuse the US government of not taking the problem seriously for too long Or about the lack of necessary medical care and services. “

Attorney Mark Zaid, a Washington attorney who represents several victims, he said, obtained the NSC documents, which show that the council has documents dating back to the late 1990s. Information about an unspecified “enemy country” that is likely to possess microwave weapons “To weaken, intimidate, or kill the enemy.”

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Acting Defense Secretary Chris Miller in the Donald Trump administration has set up a team to investigate the suspicious cases. This came after he met a soldier who reported that he was on duty One time he heard a “loud” sound, then felt a terrible headache.

“He was a very good coach, a very good coach and participated in fights. (…) At this point, it cannot be ignored,” Chris Miller emphasized.

Members of Congress from both the Democratic and Republican parties They are pressing President Joe Biden’s administration, To take it seriously.

“There is no higher priority than ensuring the health and safety of our citizens, Mr. Health anomalies that have affected our employees around the world are of grave concern. ” Democrat Adam Schiff, who heads the House Intelligence Committee, warned.



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