The French daily said the two leaders met on Friday for the first time physically, although they have spoken by phone twice since the crisis erupted in relations.

“The handshake on the balcony was warm. + We do not have an older and more loyal ally + (…). + France is a valuable partner, it is a strength in itself + ”

Biden said a salute to Macron.

“We made it clear what needs to be explained.”

– The French president said, who spoke about “common topics” in the relations between the two countries, such as: European defense, European sovereignty, strategic partnership in the Asia-Pacific region, and US intervention in the Sahel region in support of French military operations.

A look into the future

Macron said he wanted to look to the “future” to strengthen cooperation between the two countries.

Biden is pragmatic and his policy against China. However, the question of France’s support for American interests is marginal given the imbalance of power The Biden administration is trying to maintain seemingly good relations with its allies, particularly with France, in the name of pluralism

– Say “Le Figaro”.

In a joint statement issued Friday evening, the United States stressed the “importance of a stronger and more effective European defense.”

The two leaders also agreed on “several bilateral areas of cooperation” such as arms exports, nuclear and renewable energy, space and advanced technologies. – Remember the newspaper.

Le Figaro concluded that “after years of Trump’s policy, the United States wants to show that it is not isolated. They also intend to be able to delegate security policy to other countries in certain areas far from their Asian goals, such as the Mediterranean and Africa.”

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Source:, PAP