The Football World Cup is a moment of celebration for all football enthusiasts, but also for all non GamStop bookmakers on the planet. Go find out why, but all the people who never or rarely bet will go there from his little room to give his opinion on the winner of the competition. Obviously, you who follow us know why bookmakers love online betting on the Football World Cup. Sunday gamblers, the inexperienced, the enthusiasts, the patriots will have a field day losing their pennies. If passion is always right, it is wrong when it comes to betting like a pro.

In six months, the Qatar 2022 Football World Cup will take place. If you read us in 2026, 2030 or 2034, things will not have changed and the basics for betting on the Football World Cup will be the same. On the other hand, I tell myself that I also write for the future… Anyway, let’s get to the point. How to bet well on the Football World Cup?

The Peculiarities of the Football World Cup

Attention, the banalities will rain. But you will see that in the field of banalities important truths can grow.

The World Cup Takes Place Every 4 Years

You can send me bouquets and laurels to the address of the site for this truth! What does that mean? Although all those who are going to make predictions explaining to you that what happened 4 years ago must be taken into account to bet in 2022, tell you nonsense. The teams are different, the coaches are often different and the players don’t talk about it. The heroes of a day can become the water carriers of tomorrow!

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World Cup Qualifying

It’s the same, you have almost a year between the two phases. The qualifying groups, the zones are so disparate that it is difficult to compare the level of the national teams. When it’s enough to do the job in a European qualifying group.

Changes in Regulations

It is FIFA’s hobby horse, which must legitimize its action when it does not give the World Cup to the highest bidders. FIFA is the trader of world football. It must sell its product to the point of distorting it if necessary. The next World Cup, 2022, therefore has a new qualification system and 32 teams. What about 2022 and beyond? To place your bets, keep up to date with rule changes and do not hesitate to read them for yourself because we hear everything and its opposite.

Which Bets to Choose?

You will find all the bets usually available on football plus the special World Cup bets that can be found in part for the European Football Cups:

  • Winner of the competition
  • Best striker
  • Reach the final
  • Reach the semi-final
  • Reach the quarter-finals
  • The Finalists
  • First winner
  • Winning group

Bet on the Winner, the Podium, and the Teams Coming Out of the Pools?

The sooner you bet the higher the odds on the winner, but the more your bet will be blind. At a minimum, wait until the official list of 23.

The winner of the World Cup leaves little room for surprises. If we put aside Uruguay, the winner has always come from a great nation of European football or South America. Far be it from me to underestimate the Celeste and its mythical match against Brazil in the lair, the Maracanã, of the giant with feet of clay who still mourns this defeat of 1950…

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We always find the same favorites. On the other hand, betting on the 3rd place leaves more chance of finding the surprise of the world and therefore a good cost. Recently, Sweden and Turkey, for example, finished on the podium.

It is necessary to study the tournament table and fill it in to try to imagine who will meet whom.

For the hens, we can see favorites struggling a little. The rise in power of these teams is optimized. The peak of form arrives at the level of the quarters. For the smaller teams to shine against a giant of world football is already a victory in itself.

Beware also of the organizing country which often benefits from a little boost… Remember South Korea during its World Cup.

Bet on the Best Scorer, the Best Passer?

In my opinion, this is far too risky a bet. For example let’s take the top scorers of the last World Cups and the FIFA Golden Boot award

  • 1998: Sucker
  • 2000: Sucker
  • 2002: Ronadlo
  • 2006: Klose
  • 2010: Tomas Muller
  • 2014: James Rodiguez

And yes, it’s not necessarily the ones we could expect. Moreover in 2010, they are five to have scored 5 goals and it is therefore the assists that separated them.

It’s the same for smugglers. You will tell me that it is better to wait a bit during the competition. The odds will drop faster and faster and it will no longer be possible to bet once a name has come loose. These bets are really for Sunday punters or groupies. None of that here. Obviously, you are not forbidden a little pleasure, but play for fun a tiny part of your Bankroll. We make bets, not divination!

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Also beware of all the so-called scientific studies based on more or less hazy algorithms that predict the winner for you.

Betting on the Football World Cup at non GamStop bookmakers means using all the techniques that we have already explained to you, adapting them to this competition. And above all, don’t get carried away! This competition is conducive to fans’ dreams. Dream because that’s the most beautiful thing, but also reason because that’s what will make you win your sports bets.