From a strategic point of view, Russia has suffered a series of insults, as Anthony Blinken assesses in Sunday’s issue of “State of the Union” on CNN. According to the diplomat, the Kremlin failed in terms of the army and its image.

They had three main goals. The first is Ukraine’s subjugation of Russia’s sovereignty and independence. The second is the restoration of Russian power. The third is the division of the West and NATO. The US Secretary of State said the Russians are doomed on all three fronts.

Blinkin on Russia’s position. “The West is more united than ever”

Anthony Blinken assessed that the invasion of Ukraine only strengthened its existence as a state. He also referred to the current situation in Russia.

Sovereign and independent Ukraine will survive much longer than Vladimir Putin. The Russian military has done very poorly, the country’s economy is shaky, and the West and NATO are the most united as far as I can remember, he assessed.

Invasion of Ukraine. “The Russians need any success”

On Saturday, Ukrainian authorities announced that they had regained full control of Kyiv. Russian forces attempted to occupy the capital for more than five weeks, but the Ukrainians successfully repelled them. As Russian forces withdraw from northern Ukraine, officials expect more attacks in the east of the country.

The Russians really need any success – assesses the former Minister of Defense of Ukraine Andrei Zagrodnyuk.

Peace talks between representatives of Russia and Ukraine have intensified recently. However, no binding decisions have been taken yet. The situation of Crimea and eastern Donbass will be a point of contention.

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