Inside the terrifying chaos of the ICU in Hull lies a patient fighting coronavirus.

But this is not an elderly person with underlying health conditions but rather a previously fit and healthy Laura at only 31 years old.

See the north Health reporter Vicky Johnson has been invited to the ICU at Royal Hull Hospital to show people the stark reality of the pandemic.

Many people are frustrated by the restrictions imposed, others feel complacent and a nagging few who refuse to believe the virus even exists.

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But NHS Trust of Hull University Teaching Hospitals says there are currently 166 patients with Covid-19 in Hull Royal or Castle Hill with 16 in intensive care.

The bosses at the box wanted to show people what was really happening behind the scenes.

On Friday, Luke North, patients receiving oxygen with each other on ventilators took each bed while the tired staff did their best to help keep people alive.

Laura spoke to Look North through her mask, admitting that she was one of the naysayers.

Covid-19 patient Laura, 31, is in the Intensive Care Unit of the Hull Royal Infirmary

She said, “I didn’t wear a mask because of my mental health and I didn’t think I would get it, but I was proven wrong. I wasn’t sick before.”

Sharon was in the ICU for two weeks as the staff struggled to keep her alive.

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She told Luke North, “It was just so bad. They once thought they couldn’t do anything for me.”

The staff were also upfront and honest about the challenging task they faced.

Critical Care Consultant Dr Caroline Hebert said: “It feels like it could quickly escalate and get out of control and there wouldn’t be much we could do.

“We have much more patients in hospital than during the first wave.

“We are treating patients with high oxygen flows and specialized devices, but we hope to prevent them from needing ventilators.”

Another experienced nurse admitted that she hadn’t seen anything like this in all of her years.

“It’s overwhelming,” she said. “I’ve never had a year like this in my entire career.”

Inside Hull's ICU is where Covid-19 patients are being treated
Inside Hull’s ICU is where Covid-19 patients are being treated

University of Hull Teaching Hospitals NHS The Trust’s medical director, Professor Russell Batmore, had no way to cover the desperate situation with drunkenness.

“This is the worst health crisis we have ever faced,” he told Peter Levy of Luke North.

“This is really tough and the employees work hard every day. The type of work is emotionally stressful. It’s relentless.”

“It depends on where you start with age and health conditions, but a good percentage of people who end up in the ICU will die.”

Help Hull Hospital Heroes

Helping Hull’s Hospital Heroes is a campaign launched by Hull Live and Hull Daily Mail to raise £ 25,000 to support the amazing hospital staff.

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Workers at Hull Royal Infirmary and Castle Hill Hospital were on the frontline from Corona Virus Pandemic, caring for the most dangerous patients.

The campaign aims to raise funds to support employees and provide them with small bonuses to lift their spirits and express thanks for their great work.

The donations will go to the WISHH charity – working independently to support Hull’s Hospitals – so the donations will be directed directly to hospital staff in Hull.

How can you help

Donate …

£ 5 The front line nurse will support you with meal, drinks and a snack.

£ 10 He will provide the nurse with a healthcare package that includes protective face and hand creams for skin care from a continuous mask and wearing personal protective equipment.

100 pounds sterling The room’s wellness box, which suite employees can access, will provide items of mindfulness and distraction to help them relax including magazines, coloring books, puzzles, crayons, riddles, distraction games, and luxury books. The ideas for the contents of these boxes are inspired by the employees.

In addition to the above, the charity proposes to spend between £ 1,000 and £ 3,000 to help make improvements to hospital staff break rooms by improving the availability and accessibility of beverage facilities including coffee machines and microwaves, and improving furniture to enable employees to take a break. .

The more money donated, the more money it will enable the charity to support as many of Hull Hospital’s 9,500 employees as possible, helping the charity to support them during and after the pandemic.

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How to donate

You can donate through the allowance JustGiving page is here.

Alternatively, checks can be paid to the WISHH Charity, writing on the back “Hull Live COVID-19 Resume” and sent to WISHH Office, Hull Live COVID-19 Resume, First Floor Administration Building, Castle Hill Hospital, Castle Road, Cottingham, HU16 5JQ .

These discoveries come as Hull once again became the worst district in the country for the week Corona Virus Infections after a major decline in the likes of Oldham and Blackburn with Darwin.

According to the Palestinian Authority, the weekly infection rate in Hull increased sharply again from 727.2 cases per 100,000 population to 743.3 with 1931 new cases in the week leading up to November 9.

The city is now the only region with an infection rate over 700.

On Friday, public health figures showed that Hull had seen a daily increase in coronavirus cases of 312 and a rate of 2,905.6 per 100,000 residents.

Find the latest coronavirus cases near you

In the Eastern District, there was an increase in the past twenty-four hours of 228 cases, and the incidence rate was 2268.1.

The hope is that the second shutdown, which is scheduled to end on December 2, will go a long way towards lowering those numbers.

Unfortunately, four more people died in Hale hospitals after contracting the Coronavirus, with three deaths on Wednesday and one more person on Thursday. The death toll in Hull and East Yorkshire is now 274. All deaths occurred in either of them Hale Royal Clinic or Castle Hill Hospital.