Shapes of 3T Office Park and Modern Tower complex are reshaping the space around Gdynia City Stadium.

Tri-City is under construction is a new series in which we will be presenting newly built, but still under construction facilities in Tri-City. In this way, we want to show how Tri-City is changing. In the first episode we present to you the offices and residential buildings that have grown up Near the city stadium in Gdynia. An office complex is being built here 3T Office Park A modern tower building.

Tri-City is not a large conglomerate, but we often live in a part of it, and we don’t have the opportunity to visit other parts. Meanwhile, Tri-City is constantly changing, and new hotels, office buildings, entire apartment complexes and quarters of apartment buildings are being built.

To familiarize our readers with these changes, on the course Tracite is under construction We’ll show, in our opinion, the most exciting constructions to change the space of the centrally located parts of the Tri-City. As far as possible, we will display the opinions of future employees or residents of these buildings.

It was supposed to be 120 meters, it’s 50

More than 10 years ago, it was announced that the 120-meter-high Panorama office building would be constructed with a service and retail division at the place where the office and residential towers originated. Since then, perceptions have changed, and speculation has been raised about new landowners and emerging new development projects.

Finally, in the second half of 2018, 1/3 of the plot on which the jigsaw will be built, Developer Atal started building the apartments. And then, in 2019, 3T Office Park has unveiled an office complex concept and has begun building it.

Now you can see the bodies of buildings, and their facades exposed. Those who pass along Kazimierza Górskiego Street will get used to the cubing of the new buildings built in this part of town. The tallest of the two buildings are 50 meters high to the roof edge, and rooftop installations are 6 meters.

Two types of apartments in one building

The construction of the modern tower began first. This is another investment by the developer Atal, as it clearly indicates where to “live” and where to “rent” apartments.

The building is 50 meters high (17 floors) and has been divided into two parts:

  • 142 apartments ranging from 35 to 122 sq.m. on floors 8 to 16; Its residents will enjoy the views of the Gulf of Gdask, the forest and the panorama of Gdynia.
  • 135 Apartments With 32 to 79 square meters (one to three rooms) for rent, it will be built on floors 1 to 7, ready for delivery, and you can purchase it on a company basis and then deduct VAT.
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On the ground floor of the building, 13 service buildings and 30 parking spaces were established for their customers. Residents of the building will use a foyer with a reception desk, available only to residents of the fitness club with gymnasium. There will be a turn on the roof Shared terrace with panoramic views of the Gulf of Gdask. The underground garage will accommodate 216 single parking spaces and two family car parks

The building will be deployed in the third quarter. The building continues to be sold, although the apartments on the upper floors with the better views have already found new owners.

The design office is responsible for designing the property HRA Architects.

Three office towers in views of Gdynia

‘3T’ in the name is not accidental, because three office towers were built as part of the investment – One of them is 50 meters high, and the other two are 39 meters high. This means that one of the buildings has 13 floors (one in the middle), and the other two have 10 floors. Underneath, there is a shared underground garage for a two-story garage with 405 car parks and 250 bike racks.

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Solids ready as well as rises. Soon the scaffolding will also disappear, thanks to which all the facades will be visible. Construction will be completed in Spring 2021Then the first tenants will also be able to move here. Some of the buildings are already rented. The building areas adjacent to the modern tower are occupied, among other things. Medicover Medical Center will have a branch at its headquarters, and Wartsila Polska will occupy the upper floors.

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Each building’s employees will have access to the public terraces located on the rooftops of the individual towers.

The author of the project is the studio AHR Engineers. The facility is certified in the BREEAM system to the excellent level, which means that the facility is implemented in the spirit of sustainable development.