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January 19 2022, 21:53

Battlefield 2042 will finally receive updates in 2022. First of all, ID patches include stability, and in the next patch we will improve the scoreboards.

Quick overview:

  1. On January 20, the 3.2 patch for . will be released Battlefield 2042Which will bring changes to earning XP in Battlefield Portal mode and a few fixes.
  2. Additionally, it’s been confirmed that new scoreboards will be coming to the game in February in update 3.3, and voice chat is still making its way into the game.

Wait, wait, and wait. players Battlefield 2042 they knew details Next game update, 3.2 is flagged. The patch will become available tomorrow at 9:00 CET without first shutting down the servers (see Twitter).

As you can see from his number, it won’t be a huge update. Changes will include improvements to the Battlefield portal, including the ability to gain experience in weekly quests and mastery on more servers and games. see you later No details were providedBut this is good news for the players. After all, thanks to creative farmers, XP can only be obtained on official servers, so making it easier to collect it is a step in the right direction. Additionally, this mode will receive some minor fixes.

The patch will also remove some character-related bugs, such as dragging a soldier while running behind allies or stuck in a fall. In addition, atka will bring, among other things, game and server stability improvements, and minor changes in the gameplay balance (M1A5 and T28 tanks will have less projectile spread, but the damage drop distance will increase). The list of changes can be found at Production official website.

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moreover betrayalThat in February update 3.3 we will get a better scoreboard that will finally allow you to compare your achievements in the game with other players. Not having a teje is one of the most frequent allegations against her BF2042. The same is true voice chatStill on the makers’ radar.

If DICE relied on the calming mood with this announcement, the studio would be disappointed. The fact is that players are glad that the developers have finally provided specific information about the further development of the title. However, modest fixes for such a long interval, there is no information about the new content and how castles some Internet users No scoreboard (to be checked below, although this is just a draft) Don’t tune in to fans positively Battlefield 2042. Especially in context The number of players is constantly decreasing I its predecessors Will report about the game.

rdo: DICE studio on Twitter.