We waited a bit but it seemed to be worth it. The movie New World premiered and after a few hours you can see that it could be really successful.

New world released, game premiere today

One might be tempted to say that New World is a suggestion for the patient, because the premiere has been postponed four times. And do you remember how many approaches Amazon Games took to players? Maybe not. The vast majority of them ended up being average (or even worse). There were also concerns in this case, but despite the aforementioned delays, there were also some reasons for optimism with the following months.

From today, you can check the value of New World and whether it will give reasons to update the ranking of the best MMO games. For the record, let’s add that New World is a PC exclusive proposal. The standard version of the game costs 142.99 zlotys, while the deluxe version is 179.99 zlotys.

“Over a million players have already visited Aeternum during our beta testing, and today we are excited to welcome even more adventurers to the New World. Epic New World battles, skill-based battles, beautiful landscapes, extensive crafting and character development make this game truly lost in it. And because Aeternum is a living world, changed and evolving over time, today is just the beginning – we have a lot for future players.” – Christoph Hartmann, Vice President of Amazon Games

New world launch trailer

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The exciting debut of New World on Steam

For now, the creators may be in a really good mood. New World has reached the Steam Store bestseller list. Moreover, considering the number of players enjoying this title, we can talk about the biggest premiere of the year on this platform. Until now, the records were owned by Valheim.

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Reviews are mixed, though not so much because of quality concerns, but because of queues before joining the server. As promised, the situation will change for the better in the near future. Several changes are underway, including an increase in server capacity.

new world steam

Are you going to play New World? Or maybe the beginning of the adventure with this game is already behind you?

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