The government said all students will return to full-time education in May. The easing of restrictions in schools has been divided into phases. The schedule of students returning to fixed education this academic year will be the subject of Thursday’s conference of Education and Science Minister Przemysław Czarnek.

MEIN Chair’s conference will be held online on Thursday, April 29th at 13. The event is planned after the team meeting for the professional situation of education professionals.

The subject of the video conference Przemislav Kazarnik It will be, among other things Timetable for students to return to fixed education this academic year.

Lockdwonu school end

Prime Minister Matthews Murawiecki and Health Minister Adam Nideszelski held a press conference on Wednesday.

The government has reported, inter alia, about changes in learning in schools and distance learning. And so – as the Prime Minister announced – after the long weekend in May (Tuesday 4 May), students in grades one through three will return to full-time education.

In the following weeks, schools will return to the next few years. From May 15th Fourth to eighth and high school students will learn in mixed mode. In the replay Starting May 29, schools will be open to all students.


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