If you think the latest reports, Naughty Dog is currently working on The Last of Us Remake, a new Uncharted production and online production (possibly The Last of Us 2 Fractions). Jason Schreyer did not mention another Elle story, although Neil Druckman himself mentioned the topic in his latest Script Apart podcast.

The creative director of The Last of Us series confirmed that he and Haley Gross have already crafted a plot he hopes to fulfill One day he will see the light of day. However, players can’t expect to reveal the continuation of the story dedicated to Ellie anytime soon:

“I don’t know how much I want to reveal … [współscenarzystka Halley Gross – przyp. red.] And I wrote an outline for a story we didn’t create – although I hope you see the light one day – exploring a little bit what happens after the match. [TLoU 2 -przyp. red.]. we will see “.

As Druckman described, Naughty Dog had “a lot” of discussions about The Last of Us 3, but in order to calm emotions a bit, the director emphasized that items such as these take a lot of time – the developers should make sure of this. Title Will Meet Community Expectations:

“These games are very demanding to create. [O części 2 – przyp. red.] I’ve been thinking for seven years from the last game until the release of a new game […] You want to make sure you are pleased with the idea you have [że – przyp. red.] This is a challenge. “

One of Naughty Dog’s bosses also pointed out Currently, The Last of Us is a brand that follows a certain pattern and style, and the team must adhere to appropriate motivation:

“We now have two games that I feel are talking about something universal as well as telling a very personal story about these characters. With one game, there is no standard for what the franchise is. There is an emerging pattern from the two games – I feel now that there are some structural and thematic themes that we have to stick to.” If we want to create a third batch. “

According to the official news, Studio from Santa Monica explores different possibilities:

“After completing one of our big titles, we spend a lot of time looking for different ideas – will it be The Last of Us III, will it be something new, or is there some old franchise we want to return to. I like to fully explore all possibilities and then look at them like “Well, we have all these ideas in front of us.” So what do we want to commit to as a studio? Because it’s such a huge commitment – money, time, passion, talent – so we think about all the opportunity costs that come with it. ”