Władysław Grochowski emphasizes that the Grupa Arche “deals with things that nobody wants and in which there is a problem. And when I paid attention to it, I saw that Tarnów is a big, beautiful city and it would be nice if something unique about history appeared there.”

Interestingly, Chief Arche admits, “The most exciting thing for us is what the fire has done inside the factory. We are not going to recreate it. There will be open space on all floors in this main part. In this unburned part there will be atmospheric hotel rooms Great. Of course, we’ll add a new part of the building, a whole new wing to the side, so the front view is going to be very nice.”

In an interview with Radio Krakow, Grochowski emphasized that “our facilities are only partial hotel services, usually centers for the public. Many services, many culture, and also in the case of Młyn Szancer, much is provided for them.”

Now, the key is the change in the spatial development plan, which was requested by the property owner, which is to allow all his plans to be carried out. If all goes as planned, the changing plan for this area of ​​Tarnów can be adopted at the beginning of next year after which the revitalization of the mill can begin, which may take about 1.5 years.

Goalkeeper: This may be the last chance to save Młyn Szancer

The idea of ​​revitalizing the Szancer Mill was presented to Andrzej Szpunar, as protector of the Tarnów heritage. As he explains, the external appearance of the plant is entered in the antiquities register. Szpunar likes the idea of ​​adding a modern hotel suite to the restored historic form of the factory, based on contrast. “There are many principles of conservation. However, I believe that every opportunity that allows to save the historic building should be used”

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According to Tarnów’s archaeologist, this is the last chance to save Szancer Mill. “I suspect that if this project does not come to fruition, we will wait until everything collapses. And it will not happen quickly, because the walls on the ground floor are very thick. And all this space. Create a nice new urban space on the basis of contrast: old, historical – modern “, Andrzej Szpunar confirms.

Młyn Szancera’s current owner, Piotr Kudelski, who has joined the company created by Arche, says it’s worth waiting for President Grochowski’s plans to be implemented. “I want to focus on the history and the building that remained after the fire, as well as add an additional hotel suite. But the philosophy of Grupa Arche and Mr. Grochowski is: not just the sleeping quarters, but also the focus of the community surrounding this facility. It will perform the cultural and social functions. This is supposed to attract The place is people.” – confirms Piotr Kudelski.

The Arche group is, among other things, responsible for revitalizing the Sugar Factory in Einin or, among other things, the Uphagen Manor in Gdansk.