In 2021, other provisions of the Law on Providing Access to Persons with Special Needs and some provisions of the law relating to digital accessibility of websites and mobile device applications of public entities will come into effect. These changes are summarized below.

Other provisions of the law on providing accessibility for people with special needs that will come into effect this year will be:

1. Accessibility Certificate – from March 6 – confirmation by experts to ensure accessibility for people with special needs.
2. Availability Reports – By March 31, and every four years thereafter, every public agency must prepare a report on the status of accessibility provision for persons with special needs. It will have to be placed on the BIP website or website and sent to voivode.
3. Requests for Accessibility Guarantee and Complaints About Its Deficiency – Starting from September 6, everyone will be able to inform the public entity of its inaccessibility in the architectural, informational and communication dimension. If a person with special needs can be accessed to complete their case, they will be able to apply for accessibility. It will be possible to lodge a complaint about inaccessibility to the head of the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities (PFRON) if:
– The public entity will not provide availability within 14 days and will not report that it needs more time for this,
– Public entity informs that it needs more time, but will not guarantee availability (it has a maximum of two months to ensure availability),
– The public entity refuses to provide access (even if it provides alternative access).

4- Assigning or assigning tasks to public entities – As of September 20, if a public body wants to assign or commission the implementation of public tasks financed from public funds or grant a public contract to entities other than the public sector, the contract must specify the conditions necessary to ensure accessibility To people with special needs within the scope of outsourcing public tasks or public procurement.

On the other hand, the provisions of the Digital Access Law for public entities’ websites and mobile applications, which will be implemented this year, are summarized as follows:
– As of June 23, provisions of the law will also apply to mobile applications of public bodies,
– From June 23 to December 22, the first monitoring of mobile device applications for public bodies will be implemented,
On December 23, the first report will be sent to the European Commission on digital accessibility of public entity websites and mobile applications.

In short, all public bodies across the country, and thus also from ours, should start implementing these changes at home, if you haven’t already. They must also adhere to the deadlines stipulated in both statutes, in order not to encounter unnecessary problems and translations.

AK, mat. Action.