The program will cover not only new students preparing for the driving test, but also those interested in supplementary lessons and drivers who already have the appropriate qualifications, who want to improve their skills and take advantage of additional trips. As we have already said, it is a pilot project at the national level.

Currently, in Poland, driving lessons on highway sections or highways are not a mandatory component of the driving course. Many drivers face this challenge on their own. Some of them cannot act at intersections, which causes situations in which drivers enter the road against the current.

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Autostrada Wielkopolska, with the aim of increasing the level of road safety, is increasing the number of centers participating in the motorway driving cycle. So far, only driver training centers can join the program. This year, the collaboration will also be expanded to the Driving Technology Improvement Centers, at which instructors and coaches will present and explain the rules for navigating highways and highways in a practical and accessible way.

Encouraged by the success of last year’s edition, we are expanding the capabilities of the Highway Driving Course in 2022. We see great interest in Highway Improvement Courses among people who already have a driver’s license and among students who want to take advantage of the extra hours of driving under the guidance of an instructor. Hence the decision to expand the scope of the program, which allows drivers to gain confidence and efficiency in navigating Polish and European highways and motorways – says Krzysztof Andrzejewski, a board member of Autostrada Wielkopolska.

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According to representatives of Autostrada Wielkopolska, this year the program can be used in three ways:
– Being a student preparing for a driving test. In this variant, Autostrada Wielkopolska cooperates with the best driver training centers of the Wielkopolskie and Lubuskie regions, which during the driving license cycle within 4 hours of compulsory driving outside built-up areas drive on the highway
– as a student who has already completed the driver’s license course, but for various reasons wants to further benefit from driving on the highway with an OSK instructor;
– As a driver who wants to check his style of driving on the highway under the supervision of a coach or prepare to drive on this type of road.

In the latter two cases, you must register for a ride at the Driver Training Center or Driving Technology Improvement Center specified on the program’s website..Available dates are visible in a specially prepared calendar. Implementation of additional training as part of the Highway Driving Course program is free for participants – Inform the representatives of Autostrada Wielkopolska.

Autostrada Wielkopolska was the first in the country to start the highway driving course in 2021. In the implementation of the Autostrada Wielkopolska project, it cooperates closely with the provincial road traffic centers in Pozna and Zielona Góra. Honorary sponsors of the program have been taken by: the National Road Safety Board, Wielkopolska County Marshal, Lubuski County Marshal, Pozna City Mayor and Pozna County Police Headquarters.