June 12 2022, 20:40

Starfield’s first gameplay is introduced. Finally, we can see what Bethesda’s upcoming production looks like.

Players have waited a long time for this moment, but it has finally come. The first one was shown at the Xbox & Bethesda Game Show Play with the future starfield. So we can see what Bethesda’s much-anticipated production looks like in motion.

The material gives us an insight into the activities that we will be able to do in the game. The title will allow us to explore planets full of surprises – sometimes they will be unique alien species, other times pirates occupy outposts in remote areas. There is also no doubt that the game will be full of many opportunities for dynamic battles.

However, we will not always travel off-road. The game will also take us to bustling cities. There we will meet the characters who will send us on a mission to find mysterious artifacts. It could have a huge impact on the cosmic community of human colonists.

As confirmed by the developers starfield It is an authentic RPG. In the game, we will completely customize our character. We will choose her appearance as well as her origin and history, which will affect conversations with other heroes.

The game will also allow us to build our own base on the surface of one of the planets. We will also be able to design the ship ourselves, which we will then use to go into space. We will replace the parts, modify their appearance and finally test them during the amazing clashes in interstellar space.

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How this all actually works, we’ll see in 2023. The game will then appear on PC and Xbox Series S/X.

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