The described shock wave is the result of the collision of two groups of galaxies, which occurred About 1 billion years ago. This led to two of these structures. Their remains are now visible in radio waves, and one of them stretches through intergalactic space as far 6.5 million light years.

This is several times the estimated diameter of the Milky Way About 105.7 thousand. light years. Astronomers have decided to conduct the most in-depth study of this structure to date, using the MeerKAT radio telescope in South Africa.

The size of the Milky Way compared to the shock wave

Photo: Francesco de Gasperin / Sarao

The size of the Milky Way compared to the shock wave

Galaxy clusters are the largest objects in the known universe that are bound by gravity. The shock wave produced by the collision travels at a speed about 1500 km/sec.

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