The Baarack Sheep song – named after Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary employees – rose to fame around the world in a matter of days. All thanks to its large dimensions.

Barack lived alone in the woods. “It had an owner”

The animal was malnourished and struggled to move. However, he was wearing dozens of kilograms of unnecessary hair. Therefore, when found in woodland near Lansfield, about 60 km north of Melbourne, they looked like overgrown sheep.

“Looks like Barack once owned an owner,” said Kyle Bernd of Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary. He added, “He had an earring, but it seemed to be torn because of the thick hair lumped around his face.”

The organization’s staff took care of the sheep. They cut her hair and weighed it. The result was amazing – the weight of the wool was 35.4 kg.

– His hooves were in good shape from jogging in the woods, but his condition was poor. Kyle Bernd of the organization said he was underweight and could barely see through the wool around his mouth. He also explained that the sheep should be mowed at least once a year, otherwise their hair will continue to grow and grow.

Barack is currently used to living with other sheep in Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary. Thanks to removing tens of kilograms of hair, he literally regained activity and became more energetic every day.

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