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The residents of Owicim expect many potholes on the roads. The city council decided to transfer money from the road budget to decrypt the databases. There is up to 620,000 zlotys at stake.

The service has reached the information Securac. As the editors discovered, on October 13, 2020, the server of the Geodetic Documentation and Mapping Center in Owicim County was seized. First, a bid to restore the encrypted databases of the system appeared on the web, and after a few hours a company appeared eager to solve the problem.

Therefore, the funds had to be organized to pay the company money. Therefore, as we read on Precision Board of mortality: Changes in the provincial budget on the budget expenditures side: In Section 600, Chapter 60014, funds were transferred between expenditure groups in the amount of PLN 620,000 for the purpose of carrying out the contract with MAGNES DANYCH Sp. z oo to decode geodetic, mapping and road databases.

In return, the tender content will read: The subject of the contract is the restoration of the encrypted geodetic and mapping databases of the Owicim County Office. Recovery consists of completely decoding the data and converting the data to the results database, which can be successfully imported into the geodetic system. The database consists of dbf files, which contain geodetic data from the land and building registry as well as map and raster surveys and attached files using IT systems, among other things surveyors. The total capacity of the database is approximately 2 TB. The recovered databases will be imported into the client software that supports them and their correct operation will be verified.

So it looks like the office didn’t have a backup of your files. We don’t know if he doesn’t have it at all, or if for some reason he has run out of backup data on a specific date. The office will pay 620,000 zlotys for data recovery. I wonder if the company dealing with the issue will actually take charge of decrypting files or paying the ransom.

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