I can’t take this as an act of intimidation – said the Australian Prime Minister. Scott Morrison He described China’s actions as “unjustified” and “unjustified.”

Australian Department of Defense It was announced on Saturday, February 19, that almostA Chinese naval hand pointed a laser at an Australian Air Force plane (RAAF) P8 Poseidon, threatens the lives of 10 people.

“The Chinese missile destroyer Luoyang was crossing Australia’s exclusive economic zone in the Aravura Sea between the Australian Northern Territory and Papua,” the Australian daily The Edge reported.

Australian Navy frigate HMAS Arunta captured in the photo the moment how Chinese destroyer targets Australian P8 Poseidon plane.

The laser was used in a Chinese People’s Liberation Army warship. For a Chinese ship to shine a light on the plane is a serious safety violation. “These types of activities can put people’s lives at risk,” the statement said.

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