The United States enters the 2030 Winter Olympics match. “We want to be the host,” said Committee Chairman Fraser Bullock. Who will be the competitor of the Americans?


The Olympic Rings in the Biathlon Arena during the Beijing Olympics

Getty Images / Tom Weller / VOIGT / DeFodi Images / Pictured: The Olympic rings in the biathlon arena during the Beijing Olympics

The Beijing 2022 Games will end on Sunday. It is already known that in four years the best athletes will compete for medals in Milan and Cortina d’Ampezzo. However, we still do not know who will host ZIO 2030. Another candidate has appeared on the table.

“Whether we get the Games in 2030, 2034 or 2038 also depends on international politics as there are many countries that want to host the Olympics,” said Mitt Romney, 2002 Salt Lake City Organizing Committee chair, senator and former. Republican candidate for president of the United States. It is the city in Utah that will host the 2030 Olympic Games.

However, there are many obstacles to the 2030 Games being held in Salt Lake City. It is not yet known whether the nomination will be officially submitted. Moreover, in the United States, the Games are scheduled to be held in Los Angeles in 2028, which significantly reduces the chances of standing for election. Therefore, activists there have not made a final decision on which games they will play in.

Especially since Salt Lake City has many competitors. Japan’s Sapporo and Canada’s Vancouver, as well as Barcelona and the Pyrenees, will compete in the Games. In the case of the latter, the competitions will be divided between Catalonia, Andorra and France. According to Inside The Games, Ukraine is also considering submitting its candidacy.

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