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Athletics Team Championships Where To Watch Me 2021 at Chorzów Athletics Fajdek Kopron Haratyk Where TRANSMISSION Europe in Chorzów 29 and 30 May Maria Andrejczyk and Johannes Vetter Watch on TVP

Athletics is an individual sport, but its team competition can also arouse great interest and emotions. This year the European National Team Championship will be held at the newly renovated Silesian Stadium in Khorezov. The championship title is defended by the Polish national team, who won the previous edition two years ago in Bydgoszcz.

The European elite compete for the championship in so-called super colleagues, that is, first-class struggles. This year, seven teams will appear in the Premier League. Eighth among those eligible to start, Ukraine had to cancel the start due to two cases of coronavirus infection at the training camp in Lutsk a few days ago.

The principle of competition is simple: in each of the 42 competitions (men and women) one competitor or one relay race starts from a specific country, and points are allocated 7 to 1 according to the positions taken in the competition. The ranking of countries on the DME is determined by the score for the entire event.

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The starting countries are: Germany, France, Great Britain, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Poland. In the previous two editions, the top three were occupied by Poland, Germany and France. The Russian national team, which used to be successful in the European team competition, which has been suspended since the end of 2015 due to anti-doping fraud, did not participate.

European team championships have been held since 2009. Earlier, in the years 1965-2008, they had the status of the European Cup, and they played separately in the women’s and men’s categories. Polish athletes managed to win only twice: in 2001 among the men and in 2019 in the DME.

Chorzów’s very strong line-up for the tournament included, among others, world champions in the hall and on the field: Bwe Vajdijk (Hammer), Camila Lewinko (up); World Championships medalists: Malwina Kopron (hammer), Angelika Cichocka (1500m), Robert Urbanek (disc); European champion Michau Haratek (ball) and Robert Sopra (pole), and finally the “Matosinski’s Angels” or female relay 4x400m. European indoor 800m champion Patrick Dubick will run over 400m hurdles this time. For the second time this year. Javelin thrower Maria Andrejczyk, world table leader, will start in 2021 (71.40m).

Other countries did not throw all the aces. However, there will be, among others, the amazing German javelin thrower Johannes Witter (94.20m this year).

The full broadcast will be broadcast on TVP Sport on Saturday at 3.20 pm and on Sunday, May 30 at 2:30 pm. Shorter coverage on both days on TVP 1.

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