It sounds like a football-like competition, but Argentina is not just a footballing powerhouse. There are also no great basketball players (2004 Olympic champions) and rugby players. Few people know that this country also won the field hockey championship. At the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Argentine footballers won the gold medal after defeating the growing strength of field hockey with the Belgian team – which brings the sport closer to football.

But in Tokyo, Argentina’s team has done poorly since the start of the tournament. In the group, he lost 2-5 to Australia and 1-3 With India’s rebirth in the sport, He came out third thanks to victories over Japan and New Zealand. But in the quarter-finals, the Olympic champion defeated Germany 1-3. The Germans, who lost 5-2 to Argentine hockey players in the previous Olympics, had a huge success for themselves. This shows what happened to the championship team during these five years.

Therefore, Germany is in the medals zone and will play in the semi-finals with Australia, which, after a dramatic match and a 2-2 draw with the Netherlands, beat the current European champions on penalties. Great Britain played against India and Belgium against Spain, in the remaining quarter-finals.


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