German radio Deutsche Welle will conduct an “independent external investigation” after the emergence of anti-Semitic and anti-Israel statements by the station’s staff and aides. The allegations relate to various employees of the Middle East branch of DW and the independent station collaborating there – from Holocaust denial to anti-Semitic slogans.

German television reports on “Polish neighborhoods”. A sharp reaction from the consulate

Deutsche Welle (a German radio station) published an article on the lives of women in ghettos. The isolated parts of the cities were created by the Germans, so that …

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The press spokesman for German radio announced on Wednesday.

Deutsche Welle “looks away”?

On his website, “Sueddeutsche Zeitung” published on Tuesday 30 October Long essay titled “The sender looks away” (the sender’s eye is schaut weg), providing a long list of examples of statements and comments posted on social media in the past few years by station staff and associates, incl. From Beirut branch. Most of these statements have already been removed, but as SZ points out in the introduction to his article, “We haven’t lost anything on the Internet.”

Basil A., a reporter and publisher at DW Beirut since 2019, wrote 5 years ago: “Anyone who has anything to do with the Israelis is a collaborator, and any conscript in their army is a traitor and should be executed.”.

Another employee of the local branch, Murhaf M, on the occasion of extending condolences to his German friend who denied its existence The Holocaust, described the mass killing of Jews as a “fake product”. He called himself a supporter of Bashar al-Assad.

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Germany will spend a fortune on fighting anti-Semitism. ‘Jewish lives are in danger’

The life of the representatives of the Jewish community in Germany was not so long ago threatened as it is today, says the Minister of Local Education, Anja …

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In January 2018, he wrote on Facebook that “the cultural sector, and thus human minds, is controlled by Jewish networks.”

journalist good nameRunning journalism workshops in Beirut as part of the DW Academy, He wrote tweets like “The Holocaust is a lie.”. Three years ago, I participated in the pro-Palestinian Jerusalem demonstration in Berlin, during which anti-Semitic slogans were chanted.

How does Deutsche Welle recruit employees?

“SZ” wonders how these employees “end up with the amount of taxpayer money 400 million euros Deutsche Welle (…) to convey democratic values ​​to the world.” As Christoph Gemblett, a DW spokesperson, explained, local reporters abroad “are recruited without advertisements because there is no need or custom to do so.” Tuesday’s article includes “S. Z” has several examples of such violations and lists many names. As the paper asserts, “If you want to talk about these matters with the staff of Deutsche Welle, you first face the fear of the consequences in your own station. Colleagues who have made internal complaints or spoken to other media in recent years – for example from “SZ”, which in February reported abuses of power, racism and harassment, particularly in DW’s Arab editorial office – have been labeled troublemakers. ”

Deputy Foreign Minister: Deutsche Welle should apologize for “Polish ghettos”

The Deutsche Welle article, which contained the term “Polish ghetto”, evaluated the Deutsche Welle article as “obscene”. -…

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DW responded to “SZ” reports, announcing the immediate assignment of an “independent external investigation” into the case, as well as “immediate consequences if deficiencies are confirmed.”

They’ll check the reporters’ social media

As a DW spokesperson confirmed, “The investigation will cover statements cited in the article by DW employees in other publications and in their social media profiles.”

As DW points out, the station’s regulations “clearly define the values ​​that all employees must abide by,” both internally and externally. A DW spokesperson explains: “The Editor-in-Chief Law clearly demonstrates the journalistic principles that must be followed when dealing with anti-Semitism.”

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