Over the past 5,000 years, Antarctic glaciers have not shrunk as fast as they are now, scientists report in Nature Geoscience.

Major glaciers in West Antarctica are losing ice at a faster rate than 5500. years. If the glaciers melted completely today, the sea level could rise by about 3.5 metres, but scientists estimate that at the current rate, it could take several centuries.

Antarctica is covered by two vast ice sheets: the West Antarctic Ice Sheet and the East Antarctic Ice Sheet, which is home to many glaciers.

For several decades, the melting of ice in Antarctica has been accelerating. Thwaites and Pine Island glaciers were severely damaged. The first has an area of ​​192 thousand square meters. km 2, the second – 162 thousand. 300 km 2.

An international team of American and British researchers measured the melting rates of both glaciers. It has shown that glaciers have been relatively stable over the past millennia. Currently, its melting is contributing to rising sea levels.

More: https://www.im Imperial.ac.uk/news/237154/antarctic-glaciers-losing-fastest-rate-5500/ (PAP)

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