A new stadium in Al Khazzan Augustuska in the south Gdansk It is under real siege. Baby and parenting is confused by one small but important detail – the toilet is not mentioned there. Effect? Take care of the physiological needs of the neighboring bush. The city announced that it will take a closer look at the problem and not rule out an investment in a portable toilet.

On April 30, the Gdask City Development Directorate announced that it had completed the construction of a playground and an outdoor gymnasium in the Augustowska Reservoir. The task was carried out from the civil budget.

As part of this, a large and interestingly tidy space has been created for children to play – there are various types of hammocks, whirlpool, slides, playground and rope course, plus exercise equipment. The facility is pleasing to the eye and attracts a real crowd – especially when the weather is fine.

The entire investment consumed 1 million Polish zlotys. And everything would be beautiful, were it not for the lack of the possibility to settle your physiological needs in a civilized manner immediately.

Where is the stadium in Tri-City? List of places

– Near ostowice Tram StopŚwiętokrzyska A very nice recreational space has been created – sports fields, playgrounds, a walking and cycling track. I go there with my daughter and so do a lot of other parents. In general, the modern western world. Only if you want to pee or worse, you move to the third world in no time – you have to do it in the jungle – you complain Pewter, Our reader. – I’ve seen many times deal with these things this way over there. It is a pity that on the occasion of such a wonderful investment, the real thing, namely the toilet, has not been thought of.

They will “monitor the situation”

Regarding this signal, we asked Gdansk officials if there is a chance that there will be a toilet near the new stadium.

– The nearest year-round toilet is located at Łostowice-Świętokrzyska Station. The stadium in Augustowska Reservoir is a new facility. The Gdansk Roads and Green Spaces Authority, in its capacity as the facility manager, will monitor the situation continuously and, if necessary, create a portable sanitary cabin there – which includes Joanna Bijanuska From a judge of Gdansk.

A city councilor will deliver an inquiry

He also noted the problem of the lack of toilets in the crowded new stadium Matthews ScharbeekDeputy Chairman of the City Council of Gdansk. And he announces that he will submit an investigation to the city authorities early next week.

– Recreational areas in the Augustowska Reservoir are of great interest for residents. I hear more and more opinions from residents, with whom I definitely agree that it would be very helpful in this place to locate sanitary facilities. Scarbec says that given the fact that the popularity of these recreational areas will only increase, I will address the president accordingly.