On Saturday, the inaugural Whitewater Kayaking World Cup Final was held in Krakow. Klaudia Zwolińska was one step ahead of the Biało-Czerwonych medal, who finished fourth in K1.

The competition kicked off on Saturday with the semi-finals competition for kayakers and kayakers. At this stage of the competition, Claudia Zolinska was the best, completing the track in the capital, Malopolska, with a score of 94.42 without penalty seconds. Jessica Fox (95.11) came in second, followed by Czech Amalie Higertova (96.71). Natalia Baserpnik was one step away from the finals, taking 12th place (100.31), losing 0.62 seconds to 10th United States Victoria. The men in the semi-finals showed up to three poles. And it was Mikao Pasiot who lost his place in the final by 0.01 seconds, taking the eleventh place. Jakub Brzezinski was 21st and Dariusz Popeila 32nd. Jerry Preskewicz won the semi-finals with a time of 83.93.

From a Polish perspective, we were more interested in the women’s final, as we wanted a repeat of the semi-final by Claudia Zolinska. Unfortunately, it didn’t work. In the end, the pole could have finished second with a time of 91.87, but that would be the case if she had completed all the goals perfectly on the track. Unfortunately, the young boat driver had to add 4 seconds from the penalty kick and ended up in 4th place (95.87). Jessica Fox (91.29) defeated Teresa Viserova (93.87) and Amalie Hligertova (94.26). In the men’s, as in the semi-finals, the Czechs won, but this time it was not Jerry Priskavich, but Vet Brandis, who scored 84.94. Joseph Clark came in second at 85.10 and Preskavik came in third at 85.46.

K1 Women:

1. Jessica Fox – Australia – 91.29
2- Teresa Viserova – Czech Republic – 93.87
3- Amalie Hilgritova – Czech Republic – 94.26
4- Klaudia Zwolińska – Poland – 95.87

K1 men:
1. Fit Brandes – Czech Republic – 84.94
2. Joseph Clark – Great Britain – 85.10
3- Jerry Preskewicz – Czech Republic – 85.46

Radoslav Kubis

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