Angry fans!  Drawing of a famous actor on BANKSY's original work

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Angry fans! Drawing of a famous actor on BANKSY’s original work

And everything for the movie?

Christopher Walken, the 78-year-old Hollywood veteran and star of the new series Outlaws, has done what many art lovers consider a sacrilegious act of vandalism: he painted on the original Banksy!

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Christopher Walken drawing on Banksy

Unfortunately, a spokesperson for the show confirmed in a statement the destruction of the famous Banksy rat. However, noting that the artist himself approved of it:

We can confirm that the artwork featured in The Outlaws

The scene in question was filmed in Bristol (Great Britain), the birthplace of the artist, who for years worked under the pseudonym Banksy.

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At the end of the season, you can see that Christopher Walken’s character, Frank, needs to be drawn on a work of art. He and some petty criminals are forced to paint graffiti on city walls as part of forced community service.

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Christopher Walken had one chance, one – Banksy’s job was one. The actor was forced to paint a unique piece of popular culture.


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