French President Emmanuel Macron said in a conversation with Boris Johnson that a reset of Franco-British relations is possible, provided the British Prime Minister fulfills his promise to the Europeans and fulfills his commitments on Brexit.

The course and content of the exchange between President Macron and Prime Minister Johnson, which took place behind the scenes of the three-day summit of the leaders of the Group of Seven countries, told Reuters, Saturday, a high-ranking official who was present there, wishing to maintain anonymity.

The President of France had confirmed this during the conversation France and Britain have common interests, but relations will only improve when London honors what it has pledged to do. in the UK Withdrawal Agreement from the European Union and Euratom.

Macron is one of the most vocal critics of Johnson’s conservative governmentWhen it came to trying to change the terms of the agreement unfavorable to the British. This applies primarily to customs regulations covering Northern Ireland, which borders the Republic of Ireland, which is part of the European Union by land, and customs border markings with the European Union at sea, according to Reuters.