A few meters underground in the old part of Lisbon, construction workers discovered the remains of a 17th century ship. Archaeologists do not doubt that this ship made Portuguese sailors travel across the Atlantic.

The skeleton of the ship was found “in very good condition” – reported the “Observer” broadcasting station. It was discovered during construction work in the old town of the capital, in the vicinity of the Tagus Delta.

This ship was about 27 meters long and was prepared for long voyages across the Atlantic– The team of archaeologists who studied the find said in a press release.

Portuguese archaeologists have stated that no better preserved ship built in the second half of the 17th century has been found in this country.

The Portuguese researchers concluded that “the thing that was found has exceptional value in scientific terms, as well as for the national heritage of our country.”

The discovered remains of the ship are further evidence of a shipyard near the old city of Lisbon. During the past eight years, similar finds have been made in this part of the city during construction work, usually in underground parking lots.