The player has just announced a new original series. Condemn tells the story of wrongly imprisoned Judge Elijah Mazur, who will have to fight for her survival. The premiere will be this year.

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The player is constantly expanding the offer of his own productions. The platform’s asset library is growing regularly. In it we will find, among other things, “Szadź”, “Sasha’s Elements – Fire”, “25 Years of Innocence. The Tomic Cominda Case” or “Absentee”. This year it will be joined by many novelties, including “Skazana” based on Iowa Ornaca’s book, “Skazane na potępienie,” in which many characters based on known criminals will be making headlines.

“Skazana” – a new series from this year

“Skazana” revolves around the fate of Judge Elijah Mazur, who was wrongly imprisoned in a women’s prison. Her fellow prisoners are the criminals whom she herself sent there. Behind bars, she will have to fight for justice, revenge and survival. In order to survive, she will have to accept the absolute rules of the game.

“Skazana” is the first series of its kind in Poland, which takes place in a closed women’s prison. Prison is a distant and dangerous world in which we have inculcated the emotional story of the main character and a number of real-life characters “Behind the Wall”. About Alice – a strong woman who one day finds herself on the other side of the mirror and will do anything to stay alive

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– says producer Thomas Blachnicki.

We’ll see Agata Colisa in the lead role. In addition, the series also features Michel Chernicki (Bowie Witkovsky, Aleja’s husband), Partomig Tuba (Piotr Serafin, Alicia’s friend), Martina Bikzkowska (Hania, Aleiga’s daughter), Alexandra Adamska (Patti, prisoner), Pencentari Shochard), Marta Malikowska (Kosa, prisoner), Marta cis (owicz (Basia, doctor at the prison infirmary), Jan Jankowski (Bednarik, Bowie’s attorney), Joanna Gonchurik (Saint, guard) and Natalia Secora (Szcodelark, guard).

However it is interesting on the other side of the camera. Bartosh Konopka, who was previously the head of “absentee” or was co-director of “Deep in the Forest”, is responsible for directing. As announced, we’ll see the impacts of the entire team’s work this year on

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