Leonid Volkov, an aide of the Russian opposition activist, reported on Twitter about Alexei Navalny’s meeting with the lawyer. Lawyer Alexei Navalny came to the penal colony in Włodzimierz (less than 200 How many East of Moscow), where Navalny is currently being held. After more than an hour of waiting, he was admitted to his client. The attorney’s meeting with Alexei Navalny lasted only a few minutes. The Prisons Authority cut them off on the pretext that the work day was over.

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Medvedev: I think Putin is afraid of Navalny

Russia. Navalny continues his hunger strike

Alexey Navalny He was previously in a penal colony in Pokrów. The services reported his transfer to Włodzimierz on Monday (April 19). According to Leonid Walkov, the transfer had taken place to a nearby labor camp the day before. A colleague of the opposition activist said Navalny had not stopped his hunger strike. Civilian doctors are still being denied entry to Navalny.

Beslan victims stand in solidarity with Navalny. They started a hunger strike

Navalny leads Protest Hunger from March 31st. The associates of the Russian opposition activist say his health is critical. Navalny lost 15 kg and has problems with his spine, heart and kidneys. However, the administration of the penal colony in Pokrov, where Navalny stayed until recently, believes his health is satisfactory. The official announcement stated that Navalny was undergoing regular examination by an internist and with his approval a vitamin treatment was prescribed.

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Navalny was sentenced to three and a half years in prison in the prison colony

In August 2020, Alexei Navalny lost consciousness on a plane flying from Tomsk to Moscow. The opposition activist was transferred to a hospital in Omsk, where he was under the care of Russian doctors for two days. According to them, Navalny was not poisoned, he was only suffering from metabolic problems. Navalny’s family and associates did not believe the doctors’ assurances and took him to a hospital in Berlin. It was immediately found to be poisoned with combat preparations from a starter group of substances with a paralytic and convulsive effect.

After recovering, in January 2021 Alexei Navalny returned to the Russiafrom where Immediately It has been stopped. The opposition activist was sentenced to three and a half years in prison in a criminal colony for misappropriating Yves Roch’s money. Practically speaking, he would spend two and a half years there, as he had the credit for the previous house arrest.

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