Oliver Dowden, the local Minister of Culture and Sports, announced on Monday that Britain will do everything it can to prevent the creation of the European Premier League proposed by 12 football clubs, including six English clubs.

The UK Minister of Culture and Sports stressed that measures would be taken against the Premier League draft even if the football authorities were unable to handle the situation.

Dowden said he met with officials from the Premier League, the Football Association and UEFA officials, giving them full government support in an effort to block a proposal to create the Super League. “There’s no question that if they can’t act, we’ll do it. We’ll put everything on the table to prevent that from happening,” Dowden stressed.

“We are analyzing every option, including competition rules and the mechanisms that allow us to play football. We will do whatever is necessary to protect our national discipline,” he added. The plan to create the Europa League is facing increasing resistance from a growing number of departments, not just football.

UEFA President Alexander Ceferin has already announced the exclusion of players who will participate in the Premier League, among others. From the World and European Championships. The Slovenian confirmed his strong opposition to the idea of ​​creating a new competition. “The players who will play in the teams participating in the closed league will be banned from participating in the World Championships and the Euro. They will not be able to represent the national team in any match,” Ceferin said.

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According to world media, Manchester United, Juventus Turin and Real Madrid will be the leaders of the Premier League, and the last club president, Florentino Perez, will be at the forefront of the project. The founders also include Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea London, Arsenal London, Tottenham Hotspur, Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid, AC Milan and Inter Milan.

Ultimately, up to 20 teams (peer-to-peer) will play in the Premier League, which is expected to start in the summer of 2022, of which 15 will have a permanent place in the competition, and the remaining five teams change each season. The matches will be a huge competition for the competitions organized by UEFA – the UEFA Champions League and the European League. So, the more realistic plans to create the Premier League become, the more resistance, for example. UEFA president who described the project as “shameful and selfish”.

Ceferin stated, “Teams will always qualify and compete in our competition on the basis of merit, not on the closed store run by a few.” In response to plans to create the Super League, UEFA adopted a new format for the UEFA Champions League (as of 2024) during the ongoing conference, assuming, among other things, resignation from the division into groups and an increase in the number of subscribers from 32 to 36.