Koch Media Poland has confirmed the news that will surely delight many gamers. ELEX 2 will go to our country with a full translation – players will be able to choose the Polish dubbing or the original translation. Learn the details.

ELEX 2 was officially announced on Tuesday, but it seems that the premiere is not a very distant topic, since we have already received very positive news regarding the localization of the game. Koch Media Poland has confirmed the full translation setup.

ELEX II will be available on all platforms with a full Polish version (you can choose from Polish dubbing, Polish subtitles, English dubbing and English subtitles).

This is really great news that should satisfy gamers who have been waiting for the great return of this high value IP. ELEX may not have conquered the sales ratings, but the title at that time was very popular. As you know, Piranha Bytes is the team that made the Gothic and Risen series, so the developers have gained many fans over the years.

ELEX 2 does not currently have a release date, but the adventure will be pre-ordered today. The publisher should release the final information soon, then the daredevils are preparing for this 60-hour story.