Katarzyna Kawa played the only matches on grass before qualifying for Wimbledon 2021. The Polish tennis player presented herself this week at the ITF Grand Prix ($100,000 prize pool + hospitality) in Nottingham.

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Katarzina Kawa

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A few days ago, Katarzina Kawa (WTA 134) played over a meal at the Croatian Bull, where she won the title in doubles as part of the WTA event. Soon the Polish tennis player moved to the British meadows. In Nottingham, the only matches were played on this surface before qualifying for the Wimbledon 2021 Grand Slam.

In the first round of the Nottingham Cup, he faced Kawa Christie Anne (WTA 119). The American made up for the breakout in the opener twice, but lost the set 4:6. In the second batch, the Krynica-born tennis player had a 5:2 lead, then the US representative cut the distance to one match. In the end, the tennis player wins the game of tennis 6:4, 6:4.

Another opponent of Kawa was Renata Zarazu. The Mexican made a name for herself last year, reaching the semi-finals of the WTA 250 Championships in Acapulco. In the opening match, Kawa crushed the breakout advantage twice and turned out to be worse in the tiebreak. However, in the second set, Bulka lost five games in a row and as a result the full duel 6:7 (8), 2:6.

Thus Kawa ended her show in Nottingham in the second round of the singles tournament. Now he will go to London, where he will compete in the qualifying round for Wimbledon 2021. Qualification for the Grand Slam will begin on Monday, June 21.

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Nottingham CupNottingham (UK)
ITF World Tennis Tour, grass courts, 100,000 prize pool. dollars + H.
Wednesday – Thursday 16 – 17 June –

Second round of singles:

Renata Zarazu (Mexico) by Katarzina Kawa (Poland) 7:6 (8), 6:2

First round of singles:

Katarzyna Kawa (Poland) vs. Kristi Ahn (US) 6:4, 6:4

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