as stated before”metroThe photos were taken of one of the six lakes in Pand e Amir National Park located in the Hindu Kush mountains in the center. Afghanistan. They show fighters with their rifles and rocket launchers ‘relaxing’ park entertainment.

Afghanistan. The Taliban armed movement headed to the amusement park. Use pedal boats

According to the Emirati newspaper, “The National”, the “photo session” in park The entertainment was to be organized by Anamullah Semanghani, who coordinates “The Band’s External Image”.

The New York Post reported that about 30 fighters were playing in the park at the same time. Perhaps the Taliban’s choice of this place was not accidental, as the park has so far been considered a “conflict-free” site. The garden is an icon of Afghan identity. It has been a beacon of stability during the decades of chaos that has plagued the people of this country – that’s what former director of the Afghan Conservation Society Alex Degan said of the park.

The Taliban closed the Women’s Ministry. Instead, strengthen the virtues

As noted by the British and American Media, photos provided by Taliban officials are likely a PR ploy to show a “different body” to the fighters against them protests in Kabul.

It is also the only official material published by the authorities that has banned many Afghan journalists. Hundreds of media workers have recently lost their jobs and are not looking for a new job out of fear Taliban. Already in the first week after this group took power, women disappeared from television, radio and the press. Currently, less than a hundred women work for private broadcasting and television stations. Previously, there were about 700 of them.

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BidenAfghanistan. The United States apologizes for the deaths of civilians