Przemyslav Garczyk: Can I see the Florida sun behind you? Will there be a Polish-Polish battle in the US or will we see a “loveable face” with another competitor?

Adam Konaki: I’m already in Miami. A friend just sent me a picture showing it’s snowing in New York…

The slogan on your shirts – “against all odds” – is more relevant today than it did a few years ago when we first saw it.

Perhaps so, although the plans have not changed: to become a world champion against all odds. Another fight during the holidays, at the beginning or end of the holiday. We’ll see how it all works.

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Adam, regarding your comeback, I’m not afraid of your skills, but I do wonder how psychologically you are for boxing, to come back. As you know, there is no boxing without a “mindset”.

Even though we’ve only been in Miami for a few days, now I’m in a completely different mood. Something completely different from New York, this sun definitely helps me. It will not be “boxing by the way”, because the goal is one, although if the next fight does not go my way, these goals must be changed. Of course I want to win and I want to win it convincingly.

When the first idea of ​​moving to Florida came up, she mentioned that it would entail training changes. Will you train more in Florida or will you move from place to place?

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I will be training in Florida, and the final setup will be in New York. I’ll be separated from the world, it worked out for the three weeks leading up to the fight with Robert Helenius. I felt good, and I saw the effects of it, but later my own life became involved and we had to leave the camp. In the fight I fought with a broken bone from the first round, many immediately gave up, I fought for 6 rounds. It turns out as it came out. I think a few people have actually crossed me, but in the next few fights I will show that I can still. I haven’t chosen the room yet, we just take out our luggage – so far I’m just running. Came here 3-4 years ago, really enjoyed it. I wish we could have done it sooner, because winters in New York without sunshine are a real depression.

Several times before your duels, the sentence was said to be or not to be, even before the second fight with Robert Helenius. Now it’s the same, but there is information from Łukasz Różański that the fight between you is “the most normal in Polish heavyweight”. So far, these are conversations on Twitter, is there a chance of seeing Kownacki-Różański fight in the ring?

At the moment, the fight with Różański is taking place on Twitter, but I already mentioned it to my manager, Team Al Haymon. I think it would sell well in New York. I’ve touched on the topic, just for now. When my manager Keith Connolly asked who I’d like to fight, I mentioned that there was a boxer in Poland who defeated Izo Ogonoh, Artur Zbelka. I sent him a video of the last fight, we’ll see how it goes…

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