“It is with great sadness and regret that I put my resignation in my hands this morning the first show After accepting and repeating Monday’s media assertions that have now turned out to be incorrect. I wish my successor all the best – this is the best job in my life the governmentWill Quince, Minister for Family and Children’s Affairs, said Wednesday.

The resignation relates to Conservative MP Chris Pincher’s nomination as the MP responsible for controlling voting discipline. In June, he resigned from the position after learning that he had previously been subjected to allegations of harassment. Prime Minister Boris Johnson initially asserted that when he referred to Pincher for his party post, he knew nothing of it, and his ministers repeated this information.

However, it later turned out that Johnson had this knowledge, Pincher nevertheless won out for him.

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Education Minister Robin Walker also announced his resignation, and Minister Laura Trott decided to bid farewell to the Department of Transportation.

Earlier, they quit Minister of Health Sajid Javid and Treasury Secretary Rishi Sunak. Bam Afulami resigned from the position of deputy chairman of the party. Representative Andrew Morrison has resigned from his position as commercial agent in relations with Morocco. Saqib Bhatti and Jonathan Julis have resigned from their positions as ministerial assistants.

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Boris Johnson. A wave of dismissal in the British government

“Boris Johnson on the edge” – this sentence appeared on the front page of newspapers such as the Financial Times, Guardian, The Sun. And the “Daily Telegraph”, in turn, assessed that “the fate of the prime minister hangs in the balance.”

“This government is collapsing,” said opposition leader Keir Starmer, adding that he wanted early elections.

Right-wing MP Roger Gill told Sky News: “It’s time to tell Boris Johnson: There’s a door, go through, don’t come back.”

More than half of voters want Johnson to resign

According to Flash on Tuesday vote YouGov of Prime Minister Johnson wants 70 percent resignation. Threads. 54 percent want to change the prime minister. Conservative voters.

However, the head of government still has his supporters. – The Prime Minister won a strong seat in the elections. The British voted for heaven. This can only be taken away from him because so few people have resigned – MP Jacob Rees-Mogg emphasized. Support was provided by Secretary of State Liz Truss and Culture – Nadine Doris. The latter stressed that Prime Minister Johnson was right on “the most important issues”.

The crisis is a consequence, among other things Party GateThe illegal admission scandal at closing in Downing Street. But the fuse turned out to be new facts On the nomination of Chris Pincher.


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