2022-07-05 13:22

2022-07-05 13:22

The Australian government has raised tariffs on goods imported from Ukraine
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The Australian government has announced that it has raised tariffs on goods imported from Ukraine, in one of the measures taken under the aid package announced by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese during his visit to Kyiv, the Australian Department of Trade and Tourism said in a statement.

The new rules went into effect on Monday. Reports said Canbery’s actions mirror similar decisions made by its “international partners, the European Union and the United Kingdom”.

“Actions of this nature by Australia and other international partners, which support the Ukrainian economy and expand trade opportunities, are essential to the reconstruction and reconstruction of Ukraine in the short and long term,” the statement commented.

As reported, the value of Ukrainian imports to Australia amounted to nearly 122 million Australian dollars (82 million US dollars) in 2021. The law introduced by Australia will reduce customs duties to zero for 12 months on a number of goods produced in Ukraine. Excise duties, such as those applicable to fuel, alcohol and tobacco products, will remain in effect.

The statement ends with a condemnation of the “unilateral, illegal and immoral Russian aggression against the people of Ukraine.” (PAP)

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