Szymbark . Castle

Another version of the guide to the castle in Szymbark near Iława is ahead! The English version, the promotional film and the adaptation of the site to the needs of the visually impaired and deaf are the new elements of the guide that make it accessible to all. The Zamek Szymbark Foundation invites you for a virtual walk:

Thanks to the guide, without leaving home, you can plunge into the history of this unique place, see its panoramic photos, and when the weather and situation allow, you can go on a hiking trip around the area. The boards in the vicinity of the castle will help in the latter case. With the QR codes placed on them, the guests will be taken directly to the virtual directory. Visually impaired persons will benefit from audio scratching of the materials on the website and specially prepared descriptions of the images and graphic materials. In addition, functions that increase font size and increase contrast have been added to the guide, which benefit the visually impaired. Deaf people will be able to use the translation of the website and audio-visual materials into sign language, which will allow them to get to know the history of Szymbark Castle better. Thanks to funding from the Warmińsko-Mazurskie Voivodship, the guide can also be easily used by tourists from abroad, because the content has been completely translated into English.

The Szymbark Castle guide presents a journey divided into three phases. At first we learn about the wonderful atmosphere of the history of this place through a movie promoting the castle – we admire the extraordinary nature, extraordinary play of light and the timeless nature of this medieval building. During the first phase of the visit, we have the opportunity to learn about the history of the construction of the castle and the architectural assumptions that have constantly changed over the centuries. The second point of the trip is a virtual tour of the castle’s courtyard. Thanks to the use of panoramic images, you can see almost every nook and cranny in this huge building. The interior of the castle tower deserves special attention. Getting to the last leg of the tour is a little more difficult, but well worth the little effort, views, and the von Finkenstein family cemetery. It is worth noting the previous post for Views, but information about these and other interesting facts can be found in the guide.

The virtual guide to the castle in Szymbark is very popular among tourists, and among the visitors there are mainly people from Poland, Germany, the USA and Great Britain.


The general mission is jointly financed by the Warmensko-Mazursky District Autonomous Government.

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