The Duchess came to Rudy on September 2 for a private visit, at the invitation of her friend, owner and founder of the Aesthetic Medicine Clinic “Dr. Gabriela Clinic and the MukoHelp Foundation, to support children with cystic fibrosis. The Duchess, Sarah Ferguson, agreed to become the foundation’s ambassador at a personal request.” Gabriele Maersic. The Duchess last visited Poland in the 1990s, and then she visited Zabrze, where she opened her first establishment.

How does the Duchess like you in our area? Here is the answer to the question asked by Nowin’s editors.

This was the official part during the opening of the clinic:

big event

Sarah Ferguson visited the Jan III Sobieski School in Rudy, where she opened the Green Studio. The creation of this studio is the result of the dissolving competition “Zielona Pracownia ‘2020”, organized by the Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Katowice. It is a place where students educate themselves in the field of natural, biological, ecological, geographical, geological and physicochemical sciences (Read more: Green studio of a school in Rudy [WIZUALIZACJE]).

– This is a great event for us – said the headmaster of the Duchess’s visit Adrian Blora. He explained that the official opening of the green studio would not take place soon, so it was decided to do so now. – Bearing in mind some of the Duchess’ interests, which is veering towards the environment, we decided to take the opportunity to open the green studio, because there hasn’t been such an opportunity yet. I think this is a beautiful moment for our school’s history – the principal emphasized in a statement to the media. Thus, it is probably the only green studio in Poland that was opened with such honor.

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The mayor served the queen

The Duchess received a number of gifts and sang 100 Years for her upcoming birthday. School representatives presented the princess with a portrait drawn by Miłosz Nosiadek, a member of the Polish Watercolor Society. A toy was also handed over to her grandson Augustus – a railway, referring to the one in Rudzka. The mayor of Kuźnia Raciborska, Pawe Macha, donated a Mercedes model from his collection, and the deputy mayor Siluya Brzezica Tsarczyk Cups donated by the municipality emblem and honey.

Bowie Masha In a conversation with the Duchess, he recalled the times when he served Queen Elizabeth II. – I’ve been flying the British flag for nearly 10 years. I also had to check my certificate there. In light of British law, I was responsible, for example, that I could marry on a ship. I was her – the hostess in an interview with us recalled his times of service, before he became a member of the local government.

Final shot

In the end, the Duchess went to the narrow railroad, where he was welcomed, among others Raciborskie Kurkowe shooting the Brotherhood cannon shot. – Who did we get rid of? Sarah Ferguson joked after the explosion. Later, there was also a train excursion led by Roman Jobewski. Finally, the ladies of the Association were invited to the negotiating table.”Turzynki”, which prepared pancakes made of tin and Silesian kołacz in three versions: with poppy seeds, prunes and cheese.